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My family fully supports my candidacy. My wife is a Polish immigrant who came to America legally. She grew up under Communism. She loves America and is frightened to see the socialist trends in our federal and local policies.

My children are hard-working and law-abiding. Democrat economic policies are failing the working class. Also, they experienced first-hand the attacks on our family for standing up against racism.

My grandchildren understand living in an ethnically diverse culture. They all have Native American heritage. Their grandmother is a proud member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. They want the American freedom and opportunity that has been available to the generations before them.


Jerry Silver is a truck driver, retired school teacher, principal, coach and pastor running for Congress in Minnesota's 4th Congressional District.

"I drive a semi-truck delivering mail from Eagan, MN to LaCrosse, WI five nights a week for a local trucking firm. Driving an eighteen wheeler and working construction were my second jobs throughout the years to pay the bills. Like other families, I have to do more work to make up for the losses caused by high inflation. This needs to change." - Jerry Silver

For over thirty years, I was the Senior Pastor of local churches. I grew up in a Pastor's home where my father taught me how to have a servant's heart. My parents were godly people who taught me to love this country. In addition to pastoring, I spent over fifteen years as a school Principal, Teacher, and Coach.  


I published a book telling the true story of how I took a stand against racism in the church and school where I was the Pastor and Principal. It describes the personal harassment and assault my family received. It reveals how to deal with the bigotry and hatred which has been tearing our country apart. I know firsthand that racism still exists in our great country, but it is not the "systemic racism" that the Democrats want us to believe. This book also tells my life story about my upbringing in a Pastor's home.

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